JOBS Group Announces Two Acquisitions
January 2021

Keystone Capital is pleased to announce that its portfolio company JOBS Group has completed two add-on acquisitions, Scottie’s Building Services (“Scottie’s”) and Exterior Diagnostic Services (“EDS”). Headquartered in Houston, JOBS is a leading provider of commercial building maintenance and restoration services, including window cleaning, metal and stone maintenance, elevator cab interior refurbishing, and façade maintenance/waterproofing.

Established in 1986, Scottie’s and EDS are headquartered in Raleigh, NC. Scottie’s is a leading provider of commercial window cleaning, pressure washing, glass & metal restoration, and high dusting services. EDS is a leading provider of waterproofing and façade restoration  services for commercial and industrial applications and will complement JOBS’ exterior restoration services group. Scottie’s and EDS will significantly expand the geographic footprint, service capabilities, and management depth of JOBS.

JOBS Group is actively seeking bolt-on acquisition opportunities within niche areas of the commercial facilities services and maintenance industry. Targeted services include window cleaning, pressure washing, façade maintenance, waterproofing, metal and architectural surface maintenance, elevator maintenance, and parking surface maintenance. Parties with knowledge of acquisition opportunities that may fit the JOBS Group strategy are encouraged to contact Keystone Capital.

“We’re excited about the prospects of a ‘one plus two equals four’ combination in the case of JOBS, Scottie’s, and EDS,” commented Jason Van Zant, Managing Director, Keystone Capital. “This transaction is a critical step on our path to building a national commercial façade and surface maintenance platform and adds significantly to the depth of our capabilities and team.”

Contact Information

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Kevin Overby
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Brian Prendergast
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