Integra Testing Services Completes Acquisition of RSA
October 2022

Keystone Capital Management, L.P. (“Keystone) is pleased to announce that its portfolio company Integra Testing Services, LLC (“Integra”) has completed the acquisition of RSAnalysis and RSACx (collectively “RSA”). Integra, a specialized testing, adjusting, and balancing and mechanical systems analysis firm, was formed by Keystone in November 2021 with the initial acquisitions of Neudorfer Engineers and Fulton & Associates.

RSA is a comprehensive HVAC testing, adjusting, and balancing (TAB) services provider. RSACx is an independent building performance commissioning firm. Both companies are headquartered in the Sacramento, California area with branch offices located in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Reno and Salt Lake City.

The addition of RSA expands Integra’s presence nationally adding 60 employees and five locations to Integra’s existing 145 employees and 9 office locations across the United States. RSA represents the fifth acquisition into the Integra platform since its formation by Keystone.

“The transaction with RSA is a game-changer for Integra,” commented Jason Van Zant, Managing Director, Keystone. “RSA makes Integra the largest independent testing, adjusting and balancing firm in the United States with true coast-to-coast coverage. We are thrilled to welcome their team to Integra.”

Integra is interested in further acquisitions of companies providing highly specialized, critical building testing services. Parties with knowledge of such opportunities are encouraged to contact Jason Van Zant at Keystone.

Contact Information

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Matt Blanks
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Patrick Helle
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